Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Britannia Nut & Raisin Cake | Everyday Delight

For all those on the lookout of something special for everyday, Britannia has launched its Nuts & Raisin Romance Cake. The product which comes in slab form is an exquisite combination of nuts & raisins and soft crumbly cake. 

No words are needed to talk about Britannia or its products. One of India's leading food brands and leader in Bakery and Dairy segments has popular biscuits/cookies like GoodDay, Tiger, Nutrichoice Marie gold etc in its portfolio. Most of the products are priced very low from Rs.2/- onwards with the intention of making it accessible for the people across all demographics. Fortified with essential nutrients the products are designed to meet the daily nutrition needs. With the latest offering of Nut & Raisin Romance cake, its takes indulgence and delight several notches high.

 The product is meant as an any time or all time snack and is perfect as an on-the-go snack. Conveniently priced at Rs.50/- for 160gm of cake in slab format, its premium packaging makes it impossible to miss at the shop counters. The delightful packaging and exquisiteness make it a perfect addition to your Diwali gift/mithai hamper as well. 

I am actually leaving you several pics of the cake which I took before devouring it. Actions definitely speak louder than words. But still in my words, when you crave brownies, warm the cake few seconds in the microwave, add a scoop of vanilla icecream and drizzle chocolate sauce and indulge. Satisfaction guaranteed ..

 Unfortunately no picture of that. As of now just read on & salivate.This idea of treating oneself was given by my friend who claims its fail proof. And surely I know that before long you will get your own pack,try it  and find your own way of indulging in the the delightful nuts & raisin romance.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweet Potato Chaat | Festive, Filling & Healthy

Among my favourite veggies, sweet potato has a memorable place. I loved the sweet potato chips my mum used to make. This was one of my favourite childhood snacks. To be honest I never tried sweetpotato except as chips. It was later after marriage, I got to know this potato relative and started enjoying it steamed and seasoned and in chillies and breads etc.Slowly I got to know about the vegetable and different ways of preparations. I remember my friend who is from Bhopal telling how they do tadka to it and prepare as an evening snack. But the easiest was the best for me. Microwave it and turn it into a chaat. This is something I tried out from Nupur and it has given me the easy way out. 

Recently I tried another chaat version from here though you can find several such versions on googling. The vegetable is accepted while observing Navratri fast and is filling and healthy. Use of the Himalayan Pink Salt / Rock Salt/ Sendha namak makes the chaat perfect for festive fasting. Though ofcourse you can use common salt if you are not fasting. It can easily be put together and can be enhanced with additions like cucumber and apples.

Sweet Potato: 1 cup atleast, steamed/microwaved ,peeled and cubed
Green Chillies : chopped: 1 small

Lemon Juice: as per taste
Chilli Powder, Chaat masala Cumin Powder, Salt/Rock Salt: as per taste

Cilantro/Coriander Leaves: chopped for garnish

Mix all the ingredients together adjusting the spices and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve in bowls as a teatime or anytime snack. 

You can add cucumber or apples to this as well. The recipe is too short but the dish is definitely tasty. Its been long since I posted a vrat/fasting recipe or rather any recipe. So I thought of starting with the easy one.Do enjoy the chaat .

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